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A French Pleat In 4 Easy Steps

Forget all that teasing, a mouthful of hair pins and half a bottle of hair spray.

The classic French pleat style is dead easy … once you know how!


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Long Layered Hair? Claire’s Top Styling Tips Video: Barrettes and Ficcare hair clips

The First In Our Series Of Styling Tutorial Videos For Long Layered Hair

Breaking news! Claire ended her hair growing experiment and got a hair cut. Don’t worry, it’s still long, but now she’s discovering the joy of layers.

You can benefit from her journey if you’ve got a layered hair cut in her new series of videos. She looks at what having layers means when it comes to choosing the right hair clips for your hair and which styles work best.

Her first video looks at how to choose barrettes, hair slides and Ficcare Maximas hair clips that will work well in a long layered style.


Hair Accessories Shown In This Video

Bloom Cutwork large slide (NOT recommended for layered hair)
Classic Wide hair barrette
Classic Long hair barrette
Portofino Crystal barrette
Ficcare Maximas Silky Collection hair clip, in size small

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Need Inspiration For Putting Your Hair Up?

Four French Pleats in Four Minutes

I am frequently asked for ideas on ways to put long hair. So I set myself a challenge to show you four French Pleats in just four minutes.


Four Hair Accessories for French Pleats, Four Minutes

Hair Accessories Used In This Video

Ficcare Maximas Jewel Lotus hair clip in medium
(see also our Honnete French Beak Clip)
Double Scroll large hair barrette
(see also our Orleans French Large Barrette)
Arpege Short hair fork
Allegro French hair fork

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How To Use Our New French Banana Hair Clip For A Cascading Ponytail Hair Style

A Fast And Easy Way To Smarten Up And Add Volume To Your Ponytail

French banana clip in Mahogany

Our *NEW* Plage French Banana Clip

We’ve carried machined French banana hair clips for a while, and they’ve been so popular we thought it was time to introduce a more luxurious handmade version.

And here it is:

The Plage French banana clip.

If you’ve not used a banana clip before, here a video I made for you showing you how to make a simple cascading ponytail style.


Click here for more information about the Plage French banana clip.

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Hair Accessories for Making A French Pleat When Your Hair is Fine “But A Lot Of It”

Day 4 In Our Series About Choosing The Right Hair Clips for Your Hair Type

Wearing a Beak hair clip in a French pleat style

Ficcare Innovation beak hair clip in a French pleat

Yesterday was about elastics and scrunchies in my Recommended Hair Clips video series. Today’s video is about hair accessories for making a French pleat and which ones work really well for you if you have lots and lots of fine hair.

What’s important about the information in today’s video is if you are able to master these techniques it will free you from only putting your hair up every day with hair claws.

This gives you a lot more options when you are styling your hair and the design options available to you really start to open up, which means doing your hair every morning becomes more fun and creative for you.

Trying different styling techniques also helps prevent you from getting stuck in a rut with your hair style. If you are styling your hair today the same way you did in 2001, I really recommend experimenting and playing around with your hair to update your appearance. This helps keep your overall look fresh, younger-looking and up to date.

Anyway, on with today’s video …

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Other Hair Accessories Recommended For Your Hair Type

I don’t like to make my videos too long (even I can get bored of listening to myself talk about hair clips!), so there were two categories of hair accessories that I left out but which always work really well in my consultations with customers with hair like yours, which are combs and hair pins.

Again, getting confidence in the techniques behind these gives you a lot more freedom with your hair.

Claire and I believe in this so much that we are very happy to do video chats (via Skype – we’re “StoneBridgeUK” if you want to get in touch) or even personal consultations to help you really master this.

Click to view product details and “how to” video tutorials

Hair Accessories for making a French Pleat

French Pleat combs

French Handmade hair pins

French Handmade U pins

Visit Stone Bridge Hair Accessories UK


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Barrettes Go Couture: Get The Catwalk Look This Spring

Extra Large barrettes for thick hair

New to barrettes? Go for classic colours.

American fashion designers from Prabal Gurung to Carolina Herrera have introduced their spring collections with models on their runways sporting barrettes in their hair.

From side-swept fringes using oversized side barrettes, to casually looped chignons secured with high arched large barrettes, there was a seachange this season definitely away from the headband.

For grown women looking to update their hair, using barrettes is fun and simple, with lots of barrette styles available. However, if you are over the age of twenty-five it can be easy to end up looking too young if you aren’t careful.

Follow these tips to ensure your locks look posh, not Pollyanna.


Gold or Silver Barrettes in a Half Back Hair Style

Use barrettes to flatter your face shape

1. Know your face shape.
Your face and head shape really determine which hair styles will flatter you. If you have a round face, don’t use barrettes to pull your fringe back in a sleek style, for example. Instead, you want to leave a lot of soft wispy bits to frame your face, highlighting your eyes and cheekbones.

2. Choose good quality materials.
Inexpensive materials look cheap. If your barrette is going to be a feature, make sure it is something that is worth looking at. Crystal barrettes look better if they have good quality settings. French barrettes look best if they’re handmade from Italian cellulose acetate as they have a deep glossy finish that works better in the hair. Always turn the barrette over and look for the “Made in France” mark to make sure you are getting a strong, well-made clasp for your hair.


Crystal Peacock hair slide tucked into a French Pleat

Be sure to check your hair from all angles

3. Practice, ideally with a friend.
Whenever you try out your new barrette style, have a friend take a look at you from all angles. What you see face-on in your mirror is not what the rest of the world sees. Have someone whose opinion you trust look at you from the side and back to make sure you’ve got a style that really works for your hair and makes you look good.

4. Choose the right barrette clasp appropriate for your hair.
Hair comes in all different textures. Fortunately there are a range of types of barrettes, each one suited for a different hair type. If you have fine hair, look for a flat style of clasp so the barrette doesn’t stand proud of your head. For thicker hair, look for clasps with a high arch that have room for the amount of hair you need to hold.

You can create a large number of sophisticated but simple styles, all beautifully finished off with the right barrette or hair slide. Getting a good match between the style of barrette and the needs of your hair will ensure better success in achieving this season’s catwalk look.

Tutorial Videos About Barrettes and Hair Slides

Choosing Barrettes for Fine Hair
Barrettes and Hair Slides for Thick Hair

Click to see all of our French hair clips

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