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Petit Soldat Small French Hair Pins: Perfect For Finer Hair

These new French handmade hair pins are super for making a French pleat when your hair is maybe too fine for our classic French U Pin.

These little workers have short little bowed legs that will give your hair that extra little hold that finer hair needs, without the unhelpful length that larger U pins have.

I made a little video for you so you can see them in action.


Hair Accessories Shown In This Video

Petit Soldat Small French hair pins, 3 for £27

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Hair Claws in a Half-Back Style, The *Right* Way

Hair Claws Do Work In The Hot New Half-Up Style. Here’s How To Do It

This weekend I was startled to come across a picture of Hillary Clinton attending a UN event last year (captured by The Huffington Post) with her hair done in a shocking quiff-with-a-hair-claw style.

It is easy to assume that the half-up should never be done ever with a hair claw, but like most things, it’s all in the execution. This is why a hand-held mirror should be a woman’s best friend (after her diamonds … so, I guess that means it should be her second best friend).

Use your mirror, ladies! Check your profile before leaving the bathroom and you’ll always look great.

Inspired by Hillary’s haste (turns out she had been swimming and found she was running late for her UN reception), I have gone through the right way to use hair claws to make yourself a half-up or half-back.

(Feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge them. I know they’re a bit hard to see in this small format.)

Hair Claw, The “Hillary” Style

Hair Claw Worn in Too Severe a Half Up Style

This Half-Up Is Too Severe From The Side

I recreated Hillary’s style using what should have been a more appropriately sized claw, our Classic Mini claw in Silver Shell, which tones in with my hair.

From the front, I look like I just created a sort of quiff, which looks okay. But I pulled the hair from over my ears into the style which is where it started to go wrong for me.

From the side, this does two unattractive things. It show off my less-than-shell-like ears and my lovely (not) jowly jawline.

A Better Quiff Using A Hair Claw

Hair Claw For A Softer Quiff Style

Keep A Few Wispy Bits To Soften Your Quiff Style

Hair Claw Quiff Style View From Back

Using Less Hair Prevents “Clumping” Behind Your Head

Still using a very small hair claw, I only pulled back the bits of hair I really needed to create a quiff.

This stops your hair “clumping” behind your head and leaves more movement in your hair to soften the lines around your face.

Hair Claw Quiff Style View From Side

More Hair Around My Face Softens My Profile

You can see that the hair falls more evenly at the back of my head, while my profile is much more gentle. Even better, I don’t look like I’m about to go wash my face, which is the effect Hillary’s style had.

The downside, shown in this picture, of using even a small claw in a quiff is that the height of your quiff competes with the height of your hair behind the claw.

This is almost approaching a Faux-hawk style, which is very on-trend, but only if you have a Fashionista personal style. You need to be rocking the outfit (or rocking your personality!) to carry off this look.

Evolving The Hair Claw Half Up Style

Hair Claw Classic Half-Back Style View From Front

The More Classic Half-Back Style

Still using our Classic Mini Hair Claw, I gave up on quiffing and just took small sections of hair from the sides.

You can add volume to your crown by bouffing your hair properly, or just lifting your hair at the roots around the crown to give your head a more rounded shape.

Personally, I don’t think this looks great on me because I have such a long face. Taking back the sides of my hair just emphasises this length.

Hair Claw Classic Half Up Style Back View

A Small Hair Claw Finishes This Style Nicely

From the back, you can see that having sectioned off the hair from the sides, there is a pretty layering.

I do see this style a lot at the moment, with people using elastics to hold their hair. The main problem I have with this is often the elastics themselves are a bit scabby and grotty looking, but worse, if you use a thin elastic it can damage your hair.

Using a small hair claw is infinitely more gentle on your hair, and easier to take out or re-do if you need to during the day.

Choosing Hair Claws That Are The Right Size

I wanted to show you what happens when you use a hair claw that is bigger than you need to create this style.

Hair Claw Too Large For A Half Up Style

The Hair Claw Is Much Too Big For My Style

First, I used our Swarovski Banded hair claw, which for a French Pleat looks stunning.

But in a half up that isn’t to the same scale as the size of this claw, you can see the hair just gets pulled in too severely and ends up bushing out at the back.

First you need too much hair to fill up the claw, all that hair gets clumped together, and the cascade down below the claw isn’t as elegant as it could be.

The Generous Half Back Style Using Hair Claws

Hair Claw For A Generous Half Up Style

An Example Of A Generous Half Up Style

Larger hair claws can look lovely in a half back style, but just keep in mind that the overall shape of your style needs to be in scale.

Here I’ve done my current favourite Generous Half Back style, which is almost like a half ponytail, with the hair claw worn near the nape of your neck.

The hair claw I’ve used in this first picture is our new, just in Crevee hair claw in Mint Green, which I’ll talk about again down below.

Safari Hair Claw In Generous Half Up Style

The Safari Claw In The Generous Half Up

Another claw that looks lovely, but which is slightly larger is our Safari hair claw.

As you can see, a pretty decorative hair claw can really work well in this style without looking overly casual.

You could easily wear your hair like this, with the right claw, for an evening out.

Larger Hair Claw In Half Up Style

The Classic Half Up Style With A Larger Hair Claw

Classic Hair Claw Half Up Style With More Volume

Side View Of Bouffed Hair Using The Safari Claw

You can also make your hair bigger so that the scale of the claw you want to use works with the style.

In this example I’ve boosted the volume of my hair around the top and back of my head so that the claw doesn’t dominate the look.

Visit Stone-Bridge.co.uk for more great hair clips

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Ponytails And The Damage They Can Cause

Day 3 In Our Series About Choosing The Right Hair Clips for Your Hair Type

Yesterday was about hair claws in my Recommended Hair Clips video series. Today I want to talk to you about something I feel is really important: ponytails.

I do walk around looking at women’s hair and ponytails are such a great style, but so often done wrong.

This isn’t their fault. If you don’t know, you can’t make good choices, right?

Either, because these women can’t see the back of their head (well, they don’t look in the mirror) they choose really scrubby, icky elastics or they use elastics that actually cut into and break their hair.

Today’s video will give you the knowledge you need to make good choices that will not only give you a grown up, smart looking ponytail but more importantly you won’t damage your hair.

Email us at Hello@Stone-Bridge.co.uk or ring on 01732 883820

Browse all our ponytail elastics

Browse all Stone Bridge barrettes


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Need Hair Clips for your Thick Hair?

Hair Clips for Thick Hair

Hair Clips Perfect For Thick Hair

Have trouble finding hair clips that will hold your thick hair? I’ve put together a complete series of videos and demonstrations showing you precisely which hair clips work best for thick hair and, more importantly, why.

Click here to see my personally recommended hair clips for thick hair


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