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A French Pleat In 4 Easy Steps

Forget all that teasing, a mouthful of hair pins and half a bottle of hair spray.

The classic French pleat style is dead easy … once you know how!


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Need Inspiration For Putting Your Hair Up?

Four French Pleats in Four Minutes

I am frequently asked for ideas on ways to put long hair. So I set myself a challenge to show you four French Pleats in just four minutes.


Four Hair Accessories for French Pleats, Four Minutes

Hair Accessories Used In This Video

Ficcare Maximas Jewel Lotus hair clip in medium
(see also our Honnete French Beak Clip)
Double Scroll large hair barrette
(see also our Orleans French Large Barrette)
Arpege Short hair fork
Allegro French hair fork

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Hair Accessories for Making A French Pleat When Your Hair is Fine “But A Lot Of It”

Day 4 In Our Series About Choosing The Right Hair Clips for Your Hair Type

Wearing a Beak hair clip in a French pleat style

Ficcare Innovation beak hair clip in a French pleat

Yesterday was about elastics and scrunchies in my Recommended Hair Clips video series. Today’s video is about hair accessories for making a French pleat and which ones work really well for you if you have lots and lots of fine hair.

What’s important about the information in today’s video is if you are able to master these techniques it will free you from only putting your hair up every day with hair claws.

This gives you a lot more options when you are styling your hair and the design options available to you really start to open up, which means doing your hair every morning becomes more fun and creative for you.

Trying different styling techniques also helps prevent you from getting stuck in a rut with your hair style. If you are styling your hair today the same way you did in 2001, I really recommend experimenting and playing around with your hair to update your appearance. This helps keep your overall look fresh, younger-looking and up to date.

Anyway, on with today’s video …

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Other Hair Accessories Recommended For Your Hair Type

I don’t like to make my videos too long (even I can get bored of listening to myself talk about hair clips!), so there were two categories of hair accessories that I left out but which always work really well in my consultations with customers with hair like yours, which are combs and hair pins.

Again, getting confidence in the techniques behind these gives you a lot more freedom with your hair.

Claire and I believe in this so much that we are very happy to do video chats (via Skype – we’re “StoneBridgeUK” if you want to get in touch) or even personal consultations to help you really master this.

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Hair Accessories for making a French Pleat

French Pleat combs

French Handmade hair pins

French Handmade U pins

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