Good news if you’ve got split ends

When I see “New!” printed thrillingly on a shampoo bottle, I usually say, “Yeah, right.”

However, this week there is something actually “New!” with an actual exclamation point worth getting excited about.

If you suffer from split ends and breakage, you will no doubt have tried the many, many, many conditioners and treatments that promise to “repair and protect” your hair. Probably with little lasting success.

All those previous treatments work more or less by coating broken cuticle edges and “gluing down” split cortex fibres with what are really pretty traditional conditioning ingredients. Slather on a bit of additional silicone for a nice touchfeel to the fingers and they’re hoping you’ll be happy.

Does it fix your split ends?

Uh, no.

It probably doesn’t even last a full day.

But in 2012, according to research released by Unilever N.V. we can be looking forward to some new formulations which use a novel ingredient made from PVM/MA Copolymer and Polyquaternium-28.


Old time conditioners work by being positively charged, clinging to the negative charge of the damaged hair surface.

But if you have two layers both coated in conditioner, the surfaces cannot easily attach to each other as they share the same charge.


What’s different about this new ingredient is that it has both positive and negative charges which means when the dangly ends of your split end get coated with this stuff, as it dries the split is drawn together and, in theory, stays together.

All is not smooth sailing from here, though. Further research is still needed to address the change in “touchfeel” this kind of formula produces in the hair. Also, the increased level of electrolytes has a knock-on effect on the product’s viscosity and shelf-stability.

However, I for one am actually looking forward seeing that big ol’ “New & Improved” on labels next year.

Stay tuned for when I get to put the product to the test …

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