Riding With The Top Down

Does Your Hair Give You Freedom Or Stop You From Doing Fun Stuff?

You know how I normally go on and on about hair clips? I do actually think about other things sometimes.

For instance, there is so much cool science news as the moment. From finding neutrinos that might travel faster than the speed of light to the news that coffee might lower the risk of depression in “older” (read “better”) women (Whoo hoo! I’m less depressed already! Where’s the coffee?) I’ve been having a lot of fun delving into my favourite topics of personal and pointless interest.

Daughter Number Two even gave me a theme tune in the film she just finished for her “About Me” school project: Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me With Science”

My Theory About Fun Stuff

I am a sucker for fun stuff. I don’t like denying myself anything that sounds like it might be a good time.

Bad TiesFor example, when our next door neighbours (who are lovely, don’t get me wrong on this) sent round notes last year warning practically the entire village that they were planning a Black Tie garden party which would be huge, involve live music and no, we weren’t invited I immediately send round a note saying we were planning a Bad Tie garden party which would be huge, involve the neighbours’ live music and yes, everyone and their children were invited.

But no one was admitted unless they had a bad tie.

The local charity shop did a roaring trade in ties that week.

My theory about fun is you should grab every opportunity to celebrate or enjoy yourself because goodness knows life will throw a load of crap in your direction too.

You need to do your best to offset badness with goodness so you can stay in balance.

Let Your Hair Down

There’s that expression, “let your hair down” to describe the decision you make to break from the seriousness, relax a little and have a good time.

Mazda Miata Convertible

Put the top down!

However I think you’ll agree with me that once you’ve crested the age of about 30 it can be hard to have a good time socially unless you feel confident that your clothes and hair look at least presentable.

Clothes, with the exception of shoes, can be easy to manage with most outfits being able to transition these days with ease from work to dinner out to cooling your heels with friends in the garden.

But hair, especially long hair and especially where there is Weather with a Capital Dubbya like in Britain, can make you think again when someone proposes the sort of fun that might blow your hairstyle to smithereens.

Like having a quick go on the roller coaster before ducking into the charming French restaurant where you’ve got a table booked.

Or just putting the top of the convertible down on your way to the theatre because – shock, horror – it’s a rare warm evening at the end of September and Beloved Husband is in a good mood and feeling right with the world.

How positively boring to say, “No, darling. It will mess up my hair.”

How dare your hair control your life like that!

In these situations you don’t need to let your hair down. By gum, you need to put your hair up.

Fortunately, at Stone Bridge Hair Accessories, you can find a selection of hair clips that are perfect for keeping in the glove box of your car, your gym bag or you desk drawer at work.

Not only do they do the job and hold your hair properly, they actually look smart and make your hair look good.


Something For The Weekend Ma’am?

The Weather forecast predicts temperatures in the mid-20’s later this week.

So, go ahead. Let’s take the convertible out for a spin.


Hair Accessories Perfect For Taking Out Your Mazda Miata Convertible

Plage French Banana Hair Clip

Plage French Banana Hair Clip

Heather Knit French Ponytail Elastics, Set of 3

Heather Knit French Ponytail Elastics, Set of 3

French Hair Sticks, Savannah Collection

Allure French Hair Stick, Savannah Collection

Shop All New Hair Clips

Visit Stone Bridge Hair Accessories UK


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